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Smooth & Hair-Free

Stop shaving and start enjoying the benefits of face & body waxing at SKinFluent Hair Removal & Skincare Boutique. The more you wax, the slower, thinner & softer hair grows back. You’ll also be less susceptible to irritation and ingrown hairs. Our estheticians are fast & efficient, with most bikini services taking less than 15 minutes.


*Prices are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.

Facial Waxing

Full Face
Includes cheek, chin, eye brows, lip, nose, hairline, and side burns.
Upper Lip
Lip & Chin
Includes upper & lower lip, full chin
Includes both nostrils & rim

Below the chin
Side Burns
Includes inner & outer ear

Body Waxing

Removes hair from the bikini line, outside the panty area, so you can wear bathing suits with no worries.
Partial Bikini
Remove as much hair as you like from only the front of the intimate area. Does not include butt strip.
Brazilian Wax
Remove hair from the sides, top, labia, and the hair between cheeks. A triangle or landing strip can be left if desired.
Brazilian + Ingrown Treatment
Brazilian wax plus the intimate ingrown treatment to target ingrown hairs, blackheads & hyperpigmentation below the belt. Includes a double cleanse, enzyme, extractions, high-frequency, mask, tone, & serum.
Brazilian + Brow Shaping
Brazilian + Eyebrow Tint
Brazilian + Inner Thigh
Brazilian + Underarm
Butt Strip
Removes hair between the cheeks.
Full Butt
Removes hair on the cheeks and between the cheeks.
Lower Back
Upper Back
Shoulders not included.

Full Back
Includes shoulders.
Includes nipples but not shoulders
Happy Trail
Removes hair from belly button to pubic area.
Removes hair starting from ribcage area to lowest part of the stomach.
Full Arms
Includes shoulder but not underarms.
Half Arms
Choose lower or upper arm. Lower arm is from elbow to wrist. Upper arm is from shoulder to elbow.
Includes top, front, and back of shoulder.
Full Legs
From upper thigh to ankle.
Upper Leg
From bikini line to knee, including inner thigh.
Lower Leg
From knee to ankle.
Inner Thigh
Back of Thigh
Removes hair from behind the thighs in hard-to-reach areas.

I loved my waxing experience here! From the time I walked in the door I felt welcomed by the receptionist. She gave me a lot of useful information and helped me build up the courage to go through with my wax after I had a horrible experience at another waxing center. I'm beyond glad I took all of her advice and completed the service. The office is clean and the staff is amazing! You will love it!

- Courtnee D.