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Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Ingrown Treatment
We strongly recommend this treatment for anyone looking to treat ingrown hairs, razor bumps, skin bacteria that causes acne, irregular pigmentation & discoloration near the intimate area. Our ingrown hair treatment is very similar to a facial. After the area is cleansed, ingrown hairs/blackheads are extracted, exfoliation, serum, mask. Great for waxers, shavers, male or female! *We recommend that the area is free of hair so you can enjoy the full effect of your service. **Waxing not included.
The Pit Stop
Do you suffer from ingrowns or hyperpigmentation in your underarm area? With our pit treatment, we will gently cleanse the area with a special exfoliating AHA scrub, followed by an expert application of an underarm detox & purifying mask to help free those trapped hairs and blocked pores. This service is great for waxers or shavers! *We recommend that the area is free of hair so you can enjoy the full effect of your service.
Back Microdermabrasion
This treatment uses microdermabrasion to exfoliate and gently remove the top layer of sun-damaged or dead skin cells to allow smoother, fresher skin to emerge. It helps to open up clogged pores and clear the bacteria, smoothes out spots and blemishes and lastly lighten mild acne scars.

Deep Cleansing Back Facial
Our back facial begins with a deep steaming which helps to open pores and soften skin. We then exfoliate the back to remove dead skin cells from the back, and perform extractions on clogged pores if necessary for back acne treatment. Includes cleansing, exfoliating, extraction (if needed) and followed by an ultra-nourishing mask.
Back Chemical Peel
Best results with a series of 6 treatments. An effective peel that helps to lighten stubborn scars and rejuvenate mature, dry and oily skin. It works very well in dissolving deeply layered dead skin and thick oil in pores to that help to shrink enlarged pores and leave you with a smooth and even skin tone. Post-peel downtime is 7-10 days. Includes a back facial.

SKinFluent is AMAZING! I've been coming here for over a year, and my skin has never looked better. Their team is the epitome of class and professionalism. You can see the passion they have for the services they provide, and it's refreshing! I look forward to many more years under their care.

- Khouri A.